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Title: Skies on Fire: Walk Through the Fire
Crossover: Supernatural/Smallville/Veronica Mars
Type: het
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairings: Veronica/Dean, Sam/Chloe, Oliver, Castiel
Warnings violence and previous character deaths
About: written for sncross_bigbang. I have to give so many thanks to my super artist and beta extraordinaire sarah_jones. You can see all of the increadible artwork that she did on Livejournal or all the artwork for the series on her website.
Summary: Sequel to Skies on Fire: Evil Walks and Skies on Fire: Inject the Venom. Now that Veronica, Chloe, Dean and Sam have discovered why the dead appear to be coming back to life they have to figure out how to stop the demon men, and what the bigger picture is. But when Chloe is mortally wounded, and Veronica is taken, the Winchester brothers have to find out what has happened to them and how they fit into the puzzle which they are slowly piecing together.

Chapter One

Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four